Become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that becoming a driving instructor has already crossed your mind. It could even be that you are researching new career opportunities and are just curious as to what this industry has to offer.

Looking at some of the benefits, as a self-employed driving instructor you would effectively be running your own business; in control of your work schedule, holiday entitlement, and earning potential. Having the independence to control these areas of your business has many benefits, not least of all, the means to strike the work/life balance that we all want for ourselves and our families.

However, something else you may wish to take into consideration, is not just what you can get from the job, but what you can bring to it. Consider some of the following things about yourself:

  • Do you enjoy driving?
  • Do you care about driving standards?
  • Do you enjoy helping others?
  • Are you goal oriented?
  • Is job satisfaction important to you?

If you can identify with these qualities, then you have what it takes to become a successful driving instructor. You can check your eligibility to apply at the website by hitting the button below. website

A structured, client-centred training course

As professional driver trainers, we fully understand that people who are learning new skills will learn at different rates and will have different requirements. And driving instructor training is no different. With our client-centred approach, you will be sure to receive a training course that centres round your learning style, which will allow you to get the maximum value and benefit from the experience. In addition, all training is conducted on a 1-to-1 basis.

Pay-as-you-go training with no upfront costs

A question we are frequently asked is, “How much will it cost to become a driving instructor?” The answer essentially depends on how many hours of training you require. With our flexible pay-as-you-go method, you will not be required to pay any upfront fees, which will allow you to spread the cost of the training over the course. Additionally, this means that you won’t end up paying for more training than you actually need in order to qualify.

The opportunity to observe real driving lessons

As our client, and as part of your training, you will be invited to observe the actual driving lessons conducted by Roadcraft Driver Coaching. Whilst sitting comfortably in the back, you will be able to observe the process and take notes which may help you with your Part 3 training. This can be done as many times as you feel is beneficial.

Continued help and support out with training appointments

Having been through the qualification process ourselves, we are well aware of how essential it is to have ongoing help and support. As your training provider, we will only ever be a phone call, text message, or email away should you have any concerns regarding your course work. So whether it be giving us a call to ask a question, or meeting for a coffee to discuss matters at length, you can be assured that we will be with you every step of the way throughout the training.

Ongoing free and impartial business advice

There is much more to becoming a successful driving instructor than just passing the tests. As part of your training, you will receive the vital business advice needed in order to start trading once qualified. This will include aspects such as diary management, marketing strategies, sourcing a tuition vehicle, and cost control. This advice will be free, impartial, and is based on our extensive experience in the industry.

An introduction to modern

coaching techniques

Although not a necessary requirement of the Part 3 test, the driver training industry has increasingly been evolving towards a coaching approach for learner drivers. As a qualified driver coach, your trainer will be introducing you to various techniques and coaching styles to enhance your skill set for life after qualification. Additionally, these skills will prove invaluable in securing a top grade on the Standards Check.

To arrange a call back or meeting, or to discuss prices and availability, please contact us today.

What do the Driving Instructors who've trained with us have to say aboout our service?

Caroline McCabe - Dundee:

Would highly recommend!

I passed my part 3 this afternoon on my 2nd attempt and I couldn’t have done It without Nick!

I trained with a different instructor previous to my 1st attempt and after swapping to Nick I learned more in my first lesson than I did in all my training! He explains things in a way that just works.

Will definitely be back when it’s standard check time.

Thanks again Nick

Dundee Octavia Airley - Kirkmichael:

Highly recommended, time well spent!

Brilliant, trainer with the perfect approach to ADI training.

I had trained with one of the bigger driving schools and found that my trainer didn't quite seem to "get it or me" Their approach was all wrong and I really needed to get myself qualified. Nick understood and found the right approach for me.

I'm now an Approved Driving Instructor, and have learned some valuable techniques.

I will be back with Roadcraft for my standards check training and am quite looking forward to it.

Thanks again Nick!